Writing of web content

Production of targeted content according to the expectations of Internet users


Choice of relevant keywords

Structure your texts efficiently

Tags, titles and subtitles

Introducing your main keywords

Meta titles and meta descriptions

Animated infographics for more impact.

Images, infographics and videos

Content for social media.


How to set up a semantic cocoon?

Semantic cocoons are much more than just a series of Internet pages linked by internal links. It is an architecture of pages linked by a specific internal mesh. To be operational, the content of the semantic cocoon must present a similar semantic universe. To make a success of a semantic cocoon, it is necessary to define the persona, to analyze the keywords, to carry out the mindmap… The planet-car.fr site profits from a well thought cocoon.


The user experience at the heart of your designs

To avoid having to spend a real fortune during a website redesign, it is essential to make the user experience a central element of your website. To do this, work on the UX Design by taking into account the needs of users.


Find the ideal graphic designer!

To find the right graphic designer, it is not enough to consult dozens of portfolios. Start by thinking about what you really need. This way, it will be easier for you to find the right professional for your project, like did voiture-mag.fr. To entrust the creation of logos to a graphic designer, write a draft brief on paper.

Depending on your ambitions, you can hire an illustrator, a motion designer, a web designer, a UX designer… You can determine the quality of a graphic designer’s services by consulting their portfolios. The previews of his past assignments give you an idea of the type of work he has already done. The design of the otravaux.fr website is an example of a project realized by a graphic designer.


Technical design of a site

To design a website, it is necessary to determine the target audience and the objectives of the web portal. These elements are very important to impact the content, navigation, pages and functionalities of the website. The creation of a site also involves the development of the best strategies, a complementary structure to the SEO strategy. It is also important to determine the autonomy, frequency and type of updates desired.

SEO and Webmarketing


Webmarketing plays a key role in a company’s SEO strategy. Call on a web marketer to generate leads, build customer loyalty, boost traffic or transform sales. By activating several levers, Web marketing allows its clients to achieve sales or awareness objectives.

SEO Watch

SEO referencing

Cost per click

Search Engine Optimization (SEA)

Animate communities

Community management

Creation of aesthetic and efficient websites


Digital marketing campaigns on your social networks

Manage your Twitter accounts

From your Twitter account, you can manage and view your advertising campaigns.

LinkedIn content of quality content

To advertise, share content-rich posts on LinkedIn.

Communication strategy on Instagram

To promote your brand on Instagram, incorporate hashtags into your posts.


CSS3 integration

HTML integration is the coding of a graphic file into content that can be interpreted by an email or a web browser. The HTML/CSS transformation allows to have a quality rendering whatever the support. It optimizes the speed of the page and its accessibility.